The Duracell Bunny goes Stateside

After a lovely relaxing time with Jess’s family in Santa Barbara, we jumped back on the bikes and pedalled south towards Los Angeles.  It was great cycling with good bike paths, few hills and sweeping views out over the pacific.  One morning Nick even woke to find a tiny seal loping around our beach campsite – magic.  Our luck held out a little further on too.  A mudslide meant the road was officially closed but the guy at the barrier took pity on us (the alternative route is full of hills) and let us sneak though.


Annie - "I would wish for everybody in the world to have your unending enthusiasm and zest for life, along with your kindness + understanding."  (She's my auntie - she has to say these things).   Rob - "Rename France."


Left: Santa Barbara Bike Coalition which does up old bikes and recycles them

Right:  Jess’s aunt and uncle in Santa Barbara





Left:  Campsite seal

Right:  Road closed (but not to cyclists)




Upon reaching LA we stopped off at Venice Beach to watch the skateboarders do some tricks.  Then we headed to the very smart UCLA campus to meet some friends, Sarah and George.  We spent the next few days with them and a lot of fun, hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains, visiting the Getty and making frequent visits to Trader Joe’s (Jess’s favourite supermarket).


Sarah - "I would like minimum wages to be set by referendums + for men and women to be treated as equals."  George - "Scrap organized religion."

Left:  Skaters at Venice Beach

Right:  Sarah and George

Then it was time for the arrival of another team member.

Not many people are aware that the Duracell Bunny actually exists in real life.  But she really does and she came to cycle with us from LA to San Diego.


Our friend Emma has more energy than is really fair for one person.  By day she works as a high flying lawyer whilst in her ‘spare’ time she is a film maker, writer, sci-fi enthusiast, accomplished flautist and viola player, paraglider, kite-surfer and general fitness fanatic.  She is basically the kind of person that makes you want to vomit a little bit.  Especially when you are trying to keep up with her on the hills.  Luckily her enthusiasm and all round loveliness mean you can just about forgive her all of the above.

Emma flew out to LA, rented a bike, packed her panniers with the essentials (such as eyeshadow) and set about conquering the American roads.  She became our secret weapon – encouraging us all the way and filming all the while.  We spent 3 awesome days cycling down the coast, camping on beaches, watching surfers and enjoying a lot of delicious burgers and milkshakes along the way.







We have been blown away by how friendly everyone is in the US.  Everyday we were stopped by smiling strangers who wanted to know about the trip or tell us about their cycling adventures.  We were given lots of help, free drinks and even gave a free bungee cord when one guy saw us struggling to attach firewood to the bike.  Thanks a lot guys.  We had a great time.

Now we are over the border and heading down the Baja in Mexico.  Time to dust off the Spanish.

Hasta luego!


This one´s for you Geoff.  A picture is worth a thousand words right…? 😉

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10 comments on “The Duracell Bunny goes Stateside
  1. Sarah Wynter Bee says:

    Enjoy Mexico, although now the Duracell Bunny has left you I have noticed a rather slower approach to the trip (she plays the viola as well? When?). Love Sarah/Mum xxx (come on Sis, wake up!).

  2. Ab says:

    HEY!!! THE USA loves folks like yall. We love yall’s adventuresome spirit. We respect those who take chances and get our there and take on progress!!!!! We love how you dream big. We love how you tackle daily obstacles. We love how you intertwine and embrace new cultures….that is the flavor of America. Thanks for shining that great spirit all down the Pacific Coast. Be safe and know there are so many cheering you on and proud of your progress. We are able to escape our world and join your adventure through your pics and writings. Keep up the great job. Prayers and blessings!!!!! Ab Kastl

  3. Nikki says:

    Never get bored of the blogs xx

  4. Annie Leaver says:

    Jess your not playing fair honey!! I do think now that you are on “my side” of the world that you could post the blog at an advantageous time so I can get the first comment in, I thought we discussed this!!!!! Love the pics, especially the one of Nick standing in front of the Heliotrope street sign, a picture is worth a thousand bucks I think, don’t you Geoff??? I’ll talk to him about it this weekend they are having a Paddy’s Day party!! Great comments from Ab, someone you met on your travels? Hope there are not too many hills in Baja and lots of yummy fish tacos! Tons of love to you both. Axxxxxx & the boys of course.

    • Jess Wynter Bee says:

      Sorry Annie. Ill work on my timing. Yeah we met Ab at Ruby’s milkshake shack in Cali. Seriously good milkshakes! Only joking with Geoff but we couldn’t resist once we saw the sign :) lots of love xxxx

  5. Sandra Heath says:

    I’ve been dying for an update and keen on the Duracell Bunny’s arrival. I just knew she would have been all agog with wonder and excitement. Bet she chatted non-stop whilst cycling up hill, with camera in hand!! Hahahaha Emma, love you!!! Your US trip sounds amazing so far and enjoy the journey down south now.

  6. David Heath says:

    Jess, you are sooooo correct about our lovely Emma. She is the Energizer bunny and Tigger all rolled in to one.

  7. Duracell Bunny says:

    Wow, “the kind of person that makes you want to vomit a little bit” – just what I always aspired to be!?! But seriously, thanks for the way-too-complementary shout out and, more importantly, for the ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE week’s cycle trip. You two are both superheroes, as well as super friends. I have been feeling bereft ever since I waved goodbye in San Diego!

    Film to follow…

  8. Annemarie Shipman says:

    Oma took some time working out who the Duracell bunny was! Ha ha!!
    Lots of love to you all. Xxx

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