The Team



Half-Dutch, half-English, Nick comes from a family of explorers.  His father has sailed around the world and rumour has it that his great, great grandfather discovered Milton Keynes.  Nick was born and brought up in Buckinghamshire and later went to Oxford to study physics.  He currently lives and works at Cern in Switzerland doing something complex with vacuums that no-one, possibly not even Nick, understands.  His hobbies include classic car restoration, kitesurfing and Mr Bean impersonation.  Nick decided to cycle around the world when he realised that he could no longer beat his younger brother, Mike, in an arm wrestle, and that the only way to preserve his dignity would be to learn to pedal away from him really fast.





Mostly English and a tiny bit Welsh, Jess was raised in a leafy part of Surrey where she learnt to make bows and arrows, climb trees and pronounce ‘Scone’ correctly.  Always a bit of a tom boy, Jess went to Oxford to study rugby, and in her spare time, learn some medicine.  She currently lives in London and works in Accident and Emergency.  During the trip Jess will be relying heavily on her ability to sleep in any situation and on the advice of her grandmother – “If anyone tries to rob you, two fingers straight in the eyes and knee up into the groin. Remember that.”  Thanks Gran.



Pluto will be accompanying Nick on his journey.  He is a huge lovable pup with questionable balance and an irrepressible urge to dash about.  Pluto’s hobbies include long muddy walks, jumping in puddles and barking at shiny things.




Little Slugger

Little Slugger will be carrying Jess around the world.  He is smaller than Pluto but sturdy and heavily built. He is the bulldog terrier of bikes.  His hobbies include rock climbing, cage fighting and yapping loudly at larger bikes.