The Route

Follow us in real time on the map below for the second leg of our journey!

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This map shows the first leg of out journey.

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Our journey begins and ends in the centre of London, Trafalgar Square.  In between the plan is roughly like this, although it is sure to change.


The trip will be interrupted occasionally for work reasons but where possible, we will be avoiding flying and taking boats as much as possible.

Below is a list of the daily distances, stats and general road conditions etc.


01.06.2014:  London to Canterbury.   116km.  Main roads and woodland tracks.  Hilly.  1x puncture.

04.06.2014:  Canterbury to Dover.  34km.  Country roads.  Slightly hilly.


04.06.2014:  Calais to Gravelines.  32km.  Flat.  Good roads.

05.06.2014:  Gravelines to Ghent.  134km.  Flat.  Good roads with excellent cycle paths.


06.06.2014:  Ghent to Dendermonde.  30km.  Flat.

07.06.2014 – 08.06.2014:  Dendermonde

09.06.2014:  Dendermonde to Sint-Truiden.  103km.  Flat.  Good roads

10.06.2014:  Sint-Truiden to Rechenbach via the Nederlands.  165km.  1x puncture.


11.06.2014:  Rechenbach to just south of Mainz via Koblenz and along the Rhine river.  GPS broke but ~170km.

12.06.2014:  Mainz to Westheim along the river.  ~150 – 200km.  GPS still broke.

13.06.2014:  Westheim to Nuremberg.  ~150km.

14.06.2014 + 15.06.2014:  Nuremberg.

16.06.2014:  Nuremberg to Riedenberg.  112km.  1x puncture.

17.06.2014:  Riedenberg to Straubing.  140km.  Joined the Danube cycle path.

18.06.2014:  Straubing to Schlogen.  145km.  Danube cycle path.


19.06.2014:  Schlogen to Emmersdorf.  170km.  Danube cycle path.

20.06.2014:  Emmersdorf to Wienna.  120km.  Danube cycle path.

21.06.2014 + 22.06.2014:  Vienna.

23.06.2014:  Vienna to Bratislava.  60km.  Danube cycle path.


24.06.2014:  Bratislava to Komarano.  160km.  1x broken chain.


25.06.2014:  Komarano to Budapest.  120km.  Danube cycle path.

26.06.2014 + 27.06.2014.  Budapest.

28.06.2014:  Budapest to Dunafoldvar.  106km.  Danube cycle path.

29.06.2014:  Dunafoldvar to Baja.  95km.  Danube cycle path.

30.06.2014:  Baja to Novi Sad.  165km. Danube cycle path.


01.07.2014:  Novi Sad to Belgrade.  100km.  Main roads with reasonable asphalt.  Very busy single-lane road about 15km before Belgrade.

05.07.2014:  Belgrade to Ban Brestovac.  55km.  Main roads + some grass cycling tracks.  Flat.

06.07.2014:  Ban Brestovac to Brnjica.  127km.  Grassy, stony danube cycle path until Dubovac and then smooth asphalt to Stara Palanka.  Ferry to Ram.  Then nice asphalt roads along the Danube but multiple poorly lit short tunnels.  1x puncture

07.07.2014:  Brnjica to Tekija.  80km.  One largish climb.  Nice scenery along the Danube.

08.07.2014:  Tekija to Negotin.  84km.  Danube cycle path.

09.07.2014:  Negotin to Montana.  160km.


10.07.2014:  Montana to Sofia.  115km.  Climb to 1421m.  Good tarmac roads

11.07.2014:  Sofia to Plovdiv.  184km.  Lovely flat or downhill most of the way.

12.07.2014 – 14.07.2014:  Plovdiv.

15.07.2014:  Plovdiv to Edirne.  192km.


17.07.2014:  Edirne to Corlu.   120km.  D-100 main road.  Smooth asphalt with rolling hills.  Big wide shoulder.

18.07.2014:  Corlu to Istanbul.  125km.  D-100 main road until just after 2nd lake at Kucukcekmece.  Smooth asphalt with rolling hills until near Istanbul where traffic increases and the shoulder decreases.  Big hill to climb between the 2 lakes.  At Kucukcekmece I headed south towards the sea and then followed the coast along quieter roads (near Ataturk airport) to reach Sultanahmet (old town in Istanbul).  2x punctures

London to Istanbul = 3821 km.  6x punctures.  1x broken chain.

19.08.2014 – 31.08.2014:  Istanbul

01.08.2014:  Ferry from Eminonu, Istanbul to A. Kavagi (25 Lira.  Departs twice a day and takes ~1.5hr).  A. Kavagi to 20km east of Sile.  68km.  Very hilly with sections of tarmac, gravel + cobbles/  1x broken chain.

02.08.2014:   East of Sile to Kukali via Karacakoy + Agva.  111km.  Hilly.  Nice scenery and quiet, smooth roads.

03.08.2014:  Kukali to Akcakoca via Karasu.  88km.  Initially flat, asphalt roads.  Hilly between Karasu + Akcakoca.

04.08.2014:  Akcakoca to Aydinlar via Eregli.  50km.  Flat, coastal road with wide hard shoulder.  Some hills after Eregli.

05.08.2014:  Aydinlar to Yenice via Devrek.  98km.  Initally uphill and then steep downhill to Devrek.  Nice, flatish road from Devrek to Yenice.

06.08.2014:  Yenice to Safranbolu.  42km.  Some well-lit tunnels.  Hills from Karabuk to Safranbolu.

07.08.2014:  Safranbolu

08.08.2014:  Safranbolu to Kastamonu.  118km.  Good roads with wide hard, shoulder.  Climb to 1400m and then one more hill prior to Kasatmonu.

09.08.2014:  Kastamonu to Duragan.  128km.  Good roads.  Flat and downhill in parts.

10.08.2014:  Duragan to Alacam.  89km.  Ascent from 200m to 1440m.

11.08.2014:  Alacam to Samsun.  78km.  E-70 road.  Flatish asphalt road with wide hard shoulder.

12.08.2014:  Samsun to Yalikoy.  128km.  Flat asphalt road with wide hard shoulder.  Occasional tunnel (well-lit).

13.08.2014:  Yalikoy to Gorele.  144km.  I took the coastal road between Fatsa + Ordu to avoid the long tunnel.  It was very pretty with some nice beaches and wasn’t too hilly.  Jason church is on this route and is worth a stop.  Back on the main road the tunnels continue but tend to be well lit.

14.08.2014:  Gorele to Trabzon.  75km.  Flat asphalt with wide hard shoulder.

15.08.2014 – 17.08.2014:  Trabzon

18.08.2014:  Trabzon to Hopa.  177km.  Some tunnels.  Flat with wide hard shoulder.

19.08.2014:  Hopa to Lanchuti.  114km.  Some tunnels.  Heavy traffic.  One hill between Batumi + Kobuleti.


20.08.2014:  Lanchuti to near Vahani.  138km.  Stuck to main road but then took detour between Zestafoni + Surami down a dirt track.  Stony and hilly.

21.08.2014:  Vahani to Tbilisi.  178km.  1x puncture + 1x broken chain.  ~30km of initial dirt track and then good, flatish roads all the way to Tbilisi.  Took the motoway which has a large hard shoulder and nice views.

22.08.2014 – 30.08.2014:  Tbilisi and travelling by car around Georgia with friends

31.08.2014:  Tbilisi to Heyet.  168km.  1x puncture.  Flat, main road.  Quiet traffic.


01.09.2014:  Heyet to Bergusad.  203km.  Main 2 lane motorway.  Wonderfully flat.  Desperately dull.

02.09.2014:  Berguad to Baku.  203km.  Same as previous day.

03.09.2014 – 12.09.2014:  Baku

13.09.2014 – 16.09.2014:  Ferry across Caspian Sea from Baku to Aktau


17.09.2014 – 18.09.2014:  Aktau

19.09.2014:  Aktau to somewhere in Kazak steppe.  58km.  Reasonable asphalt.  Flatish.  Head wind.

20.09.2014:  Somewhere to Shetbe.  105km.  Reasonable asphalt.  Flatish.  Some head wind.

21.09.2014:  Shetbe to somewhere in Steppe.  90km.  Some non-asphalt sections ~50km.  Head wind.  One steep hill just at the end.  New road currently being built and should be finished soon.  Tea houses every 40km.

22.09.2014:  Somewhere on Steppe to somewhere on Steppe.  136km.  Some non-asphalt sections.  New road in places.

23.09.2014:  Somewhere to Beyneu.  85km.  Some non-asphalt sections but mainly tarmac and new road should be finished soon.

24.09.2014:  Beyneu to Uzbek border.  84km.  Flat but pretty much no tarmac and very bumpy.  Head wind.


25.09.2014:  Uzbek border to Jasliq.  161km.  Flat with asphalt.  No tea houses until Jasliq.  Good truck stop with beds + showers + camping on road after Jasliq.

26.09.2014:  Jasliq to Qanlikol.  184km.  Flat mainly with good roads.  Very few tea houses.

27.09.2014:  Qanlikol to Nukus.  90km.  Flat with good roads mainly.  Regular tea houses.

28.09.2014 + 29.09.2014:  Nukus

30.09.2014:  Nukus to Miskin.  208km.  Flat road.  Motel just past Miskin.

01.10.2014:  Miskin to somewhere in Uzbek desert. 166km.  Flattish road with mainly good asphalt.  Tea houses every 50km.

02.10.2014:  Desert to Bukhara.  180km.  Flat road with mainly good asphalt.  Tea houses every 20km.

3.10.2014:  Bukhara

4.10.2014:  Bukhara to Navoi.  95km.  Flat.  Good road.

5.10.2014:  Navoi to Kattaqo’rgan.  100km.  Flat, good road.  Kattaqo’rgan to Tashkent.  400km in shared taxi.

6.10.2014:  Tashkent.


7.10.2014:  Tashkent to Sharapkhana.  68km.  A bit of up and down.  Pretty decent asphalt.

8.10.2014:  Sharapkhana to Kazak steppe.  113km.  Some hills, especially after Shimkent.

9.10.2014:  Steppe to Taraz.  133km.  Climb up to high plateau and then down off the plateau and into Taraz.  Headwinds

10.10.2014:  Taraz to Kazak steppe.  75km.  Headwinds.  Nice road and quite flat.

11.10.2014:  Steppe to Panfilovka.  130km.  Nice road and quite flat.  Not many places to camp after the Kyrgyz border.


12.10.2014:  Panfilovka to Bishkek.  80km.  Flat road though villages.  Quite heavy traffic towards Bishkek.

13.10.2014 – 16.10.2014:  Bishkek

18.10.2014: Bishkek to just past Sosnovka.  100km.  Some climbing near the end of the day.  Good tarmac.

19.10.2014:  Sosnovka to ~10km past T-Ashuu pass.  42km.  Climb of ~2000m ascent

20.10.2014:  T-Ashuu pass to Otmok village.  60km.  Flat road along plain.  Some yurts + tea houses.

21.10.2014:  Otmok village to ~40km before Toktogul.  52km.  Climb to 3200m at second pass.  Some snow on road.

22.10.2014:  Near Toktogul to near Karakol.  112km.  Rolling hills.  Good tarmac.  Tea houses + shops on route.

23.10.2014:  Near Karakol to near Kokkor-ata.  120km.  Some hills.

24.10.2014:  Near Kokkor-ata to near Jalabad.  83km.  Some hills.

25.10.2014:  Near Jalabad to Osh.  112km.  Mainly flat with a couple of climbs.

26.10.2014 – 29.10.2014:  Osh

30.10.2014: Osh to Gulcho. 82km.  1x pass of 2800m.  Good tarmac

31.10.2014:  Gulcho to somewhere on the road to Sary Tash.  62km + 1000m ascent.  Good tarmac.

01.11.2014:  Somewhere to Sary Tash.  32km + 1000m ascent.  2x passes (3615m + 3550m).  Good tarmac.

02.11.2014:  Sary Tash to Chinese border.  36km bicycled and 40km hitched in a truck.  1x pass of 3800m.


03.11.2014:  Chinese border to Kashgar.  7km bicycled, 150km in taxi through no-man’s land, 80km hitched in truck and then final 20km rode into centre of Kashgar.

04.11.2014:  Kashgar

05.11.2014 – 06.11.2014:  Train from Kashgar to Urumqui

07.11.2014 – 08.11.2014:  Train from Urumqui to Lanzhou

09.11.2014 – 11.11.2014:  Train from Lanzhou to Kunming

12.11.2014 – 13.11.2014:  Kunming

14.11.2014:  Kunming to Yuxi.  100km.  Some dirt roads and undulating hills.

15.11.2014:  Yuxi to Jianshui.  140km.  Some hills.  1x Jess crash with dog.

16.11.2014:  Jianshui to Mengzi.  94km.  Some hills and generally good tarmac.

17.11.2014:  Mengzi to past Pingbian.  95km.  Some initial hills but then downhill for most of the day.

18.11.2014:  Past Pingbian to Lao Cai. 75km.  Generally downhill most of the day.  Good tarmac.


19.11.2014:  Lao Cai

20.11.2014:  Lao Cai to near Yen Bai.  118km.  Undulating hills.  Nice tarmac.

21.11.2014:  Near Yen Bai to near Son Tay.  140km.  Some minor hills.

22.11.2014:  Near Son Tay to near Nho Quan.  116km.  Mainly flat.  2x punctures.  1x Nick crash with moped

23.11.2014:  Near Nho Quan to near Thanh Hoa.  75km.  Flat and good tarmac.

24.11.2014:  Near Thanh Hoa to Sam Son.  48km.  Flat.

25.11.2014:  Sam Son

26.11.2014:  Sam Son to Vinh.  142km.  lat.  Good tarmac.

27.11.2014:  Vinh to Lak Soa.  141km.  Initially flat and then climb of 700m to Lao border before descent.


28.11.2014:  Lak Soa to Ban Khom Khan.  64km.  Mainly flat with one ascent towards the end of the day.

29.11.2014:  Ban Khom Khan

30.11.2014:  Ban Khom Khan to Paksan.  130km.  Initial steep climb, then undulating and then flat after 40km.

01.12.2014:  Paksan to Vientiane.  154km.  Flat and reasonable tarmac.

02.12.2014 – 04.12.2014:  Vientiane

05.12.2014:  Vientiane to Udon Thani.  90km.  Flat.


06.12.2014:  Udon Thani to Ban Phai.  15okm.  Some undulating hills and then flat.

07.12.2014:  Ban Phai to Sikhui.  185km.  Flat and good tarmac.

08.12.2014:  Sikhuri to Wang Noi.  145km.  Some initial hills and then flat.

09.12.2014:  Wang Noi to Ban Laem.  200km.  Flat.  Heavy traffic.

10.12.2014:  Ban Laem

11.12.2014:  Ban Laem to Hua Hin.  60km.  Flat.

12.12.2014:  Hua Hin to Bang Saphan.  180km.  Largely flat.

13.12.2014:  Bang Saphan

14.12.2014:  Bang Saphan to Sawi.  128km.  Flat.  Good tarmac.

15.12.2014:  Sawi to Surat Thani train station.  151km.  Flat.  Train to Sungai Kolok at Malaysian border.

16.12.2014:  Sungai Kolok to Kota Bharu.  40km.  Flat.


17.12.2014:  Kota Bharu to Jertih.  69km.  Flat.

18.12.2014:  Jertih to Kuala Terengganu.  103km.  Flat.  1x puncture.

19.12.2014:  Kuala Terengganu to Kuantan.  210km.  Mainly flat.  1x puncture.

20.12.2014:  Kuantan to Kuala Rompin.  134km.  Flat.

21.12.2014:  Kuala Rompin to Kota Tinggi.  153km.  Undulating.  Good tarmac but minimal hard shoulder in places.

22.12.2014:  Kota Tinggi to Singapore.  60km.  Flat.  Crossed at Woodlands crossing via motorcycle lane.

TOTAL cycled London to Singapore = 13,170km

23.12.2014:  Jess flies home (Singapore to London)



22.02.2015:  Jess and Nick fly to Los Angeles.  Truck to Santa Barbara

23.02.2015 – 25.02.2015:  Santa Barbara

26.02.2015:  Santa Barbara to Port Mugu State Park via PCH.  82km.  Mainly flat.  Great tarmac.

27.02.2015:  Port Mugu to Los Angeles via PCH.  100km.  Mainly flat.  Great tarmac.

28.02.2014 – 01.03.2015:  Los Angeles

02.03.2015:  Los Angeles to Huntington Beach.  70km.  Mainly flat.  Great tarmac.

03.03.2015:  Huntington Beach to San Clemente.  65km.  Some minor ups and downs.  Great tarmac.

04.03.2015:  San Clemente to La Jolla, San Diego.  93km.  Some hills.  Great tarmac.

05.03.2015 – 07.03.2015:  La Jolla

08.03.2015:  La Jolla to Rosarito.  80km.  Mainly flat except for one hill climb after border.


09.03.2015:  Rosarito to Ensenada.  75km.  Some hills.  1x puncture Jess.

10.03.2015 – 11.03.2015:  Ensenada

12.03.2015:  Ensenada to Colonet.  125km.  Up and downs and some places with no hard shoulder.

13.03.2015:  Colonet to El Rosario.  123km.  Mainly flat until a hill at the end.

14.03.2015:  El Rosario to Desert before Catavina.  106km.  Lots of hills after El Rosario.

15.03.2015:  Desert before Catavina to Parador Punta Prieta.  120km.  A few hills.

16.03.2015:  Parador Punta Prieta to Guerrero Negro.  134km.  Mainly flat.

17.03:2015:  Guerrero Negro

18.03.2015:  Guerrero Negro to Vizcaino.  73km.  Flat.  1x puncture Nick.

19.03.2015:  Vizcaino to San Ignacio.  71km.  Mainly flat with a few hills at the end.

20.03.2015:  San Ignacio to Mulege.  141km.  Initially hills and then flat.

21.03.2015:  Mulege

22.03.2015:  Mulege to Playa Buenaventura.  43km.  A few hills on the coastal road.  Beautiful views + beaches.

23.03.2015:  Playa Buenaventura

24.03.2015:  Playa Buenaventura t0 Loreto.  93km.

25.03.2015:  Loreto to Ciudad Constitucion.  146km.  Climb to ~400m, 30km after Loreto.  Then mainly flat.

26.03.2015:  Ciudad Constitucion to La Paz.  211km.  Flat + then some hills in the middle.  Descent 35km before end.

27.03.2015 – 30.03.2015:  La Paz

31.03.2015:  La Paz to Pichilingue. 18km.  Slightly hilly.

Ferry to Mazatlan on the Mexico mainland

02.04.2015:  Mazatlan to Acaponeta.  152km.  Toll Road – good hard shoulder and mainly flat.

03.04.2015:  Acaponeta to San Blas.  135km.  Some hills in the morning and then mainly flat.

04.04.2015:  San Blas

05.04.2015:  San Blas to Las Varas. 70km.  Flat.  Lush scenery.

06.04.2015:  Las Varas to El Tuito.  142km.  First hilly, then flat near Puerta Vallarta, then one big climb at the end.

07.04.2015:  El Tuito to Chamela.  140km.  Downhill and then flat.

08.04.2015:  Chamela to Tecoman.  145km.  Hilly and then flat on toll road.

09.04.2015:  Tecoman to La Placita.  65km.  Flat and then hilly.

10.04.2015:  La Placita to El Zapote. 109km.  Hilly.  1x Jess Puncture.  Jess reaches 10,000 miles cycled so far.

11.04.2015:  El Zapote to Playa Azul. 96km.  Mainly flat.

12.04.2015:  Playa Azul

13.04.2015:  Playa Azul to Zihuatanejo.  122km.  Undulating.

14.04.2015 – 15.04.2015:  Zihuatanejo

16.04.2015:  Zihuatanejo to Tecpan de Galeana.  141km.  Flat.  1x Jess puncture.

17.04.2015:  Tecpan to Galeana to Acapulco.  107km.  Flat and then a hill into the city.

18.04.2015:  Acapulco to Cruz Grande.  124km.  Steep climb out of town and then undulating.  1x Jess puncture.

19.04.2015:  Cruz Grande to Pinotepa Nacional.  154km.  Flat + then climb before Pinotepa.

20.04.2015:  Pinotepa Nacional to Rio Grande.  95km.  Downhill and then a few hills.

21.04.2015 – 22.04.2015:  Rio Grande

23.04.2015:  Rio Grande to Puerto Escondido.  45km.  Flat.

24.04.2015:  Puerto Escondido

25.04.2015:  Puerto Escondido to Mazunte. 67km.  Undulating hills.

26.04.2015 – 08.05.2015:  Mazunte

09.05.2015:  Mazunte to Pochutla. 22km.  Gently undulating.

10.05.2015:  Pochutla to La Crucecita via San Augustin (nice snorkelling). 69km.  Undulating.

11.05.2015:  La Crucecita to Morro Mazatan. 120km.  Hilly + then mainly flat.

12.05.2015:  Morro Mazatan to Juchitan de Zaragoza.  71km.  2 hills and then flat.

13.05.2015:  Juchitan to Zanatepec.  84km.  Headwind.  Flat.

14.05.2015:  Zanatepec to Arriaga.  68km.  Flat.

15.05.2015:  Arriaga to Pijijiapan.  103km.   Mainly flat.

16.05.2015:  Pijijiapan to Tapachula. 150km.  Undulating.

17.05.2015:  Tapachula to Coatepeque.  76km.  Mainly flat with a few hills at the end.


18.05.2015:  Coatepeque to Quetzaltenango.  64km.  Climb from 700m to 2700m + then downhill/flat.

19.05.2015 – 21.05.2015:  Quetzaltenango

22.05.2015:  Quetzaltenango to San Pedro La Laguna.  75km.  Climb to 3000m + then sharp descent to lake.

23.05.2015 – 26.05.2015:  Lake Atitlan

27.05.2015:  Boat from San Pedro La Laguna to Santiago.  Santiago to Escuintla.  104km.  Descent then hills.

28.05.2015:  Escuintla to Cuidad Pedro de Alvarado.  112km.  Undulating.


29.05.2015:  Cuidad Pedro de Alvarado to Armenia.  92km.  Downhill, then progressively larger hills, then downhill.

30.05.2015:  Armenia to San Salvador.  43km.  Mostly downhill and then long climb up + over hill into city.

31.05.2015:  San Salvador

01.06.2015:  San Salvador to El Triunfo.  116km.  Nice downhill with occasional uphill for first 80km, then hilly.

02.06.2015:  El Triunfo to Nacaome. 127km.  Undulating.


03.06.2015:  Nacaome to Somotillo.  109km.  Mainly flat but a few hills towards end of day.  A lot of pot holes.


04.06.2015:  Somotillo to Leon.  115km.  Mainly really flat.  Nice tarmac with good hard shoulder mostly.

05.06.2015:  Leon

06.06.2015 – 14.06.2015:  Left the bikes in Leon + travelled to and from Corn Islands by bus, plane + boat

15.06.2015:  Leon

16.06.2015:  Leon to Managua suburbs (junction of roads 12 & 2) via road number 12.  88km.  Hilly and headwind for most of the day and descent for final 8km.  Stayed at Casa-Grande hotel near the junction.  I think the other road (number 26) from Leon to Managua may be flatter.

17.06.2015:  Managua suburbs to Rivas on road number 2 and then number 1.  110km.  Climb for first 16km, then descent for 30km and then flat.  Headwinds for most of the day.  1x puncture Jess.

18.06.2015:  Rivas to Liberia. 122km.  Flat with headwinds until border when wind then died off.  Some hills after the border, then nicely undulting and then flat for final 20km.  Lots of hotels in Liberia.


19.06.2015:  Liberia

20.06.2015:  Liberia to Caldera.  135km.  Flattish in morning + then undulating in afternoon.

21.06.2015:  Caldera to Bejuco.  88km.  Flat/slightly undulating.  One biggish climb + descent just before Jaco.

22.06.2015:  Bejuco to Puerto Cortes.  130km.  Very flat + then a bit more hilly after 80km.

23.06.2015:  Puerto Cortes to Paso Canoas.  112km.  Mainly flattish, slightly undulating at times.


24.06.2015:  Paso Canoas to David.  58km.  Flat.

25.06.2015:  David

26.06.2015:  David to field just after Tole.  128km.  Hilly.  Some cafes/petrol stations but not loads..  One just after Tole up a hill.

27.06.2015:  Field to Penonome.  180km.  Hilly until Santiago and then much flatter.  Bit of headwind at times.

28.06.2015:  Penonome to Casco Viejo, Panama City via Punta Las Americanas.  156km.  Flat for first 30km and then undulating.  One biggish climb just before Capira.  Really good milkshake and BBQ place at top of hill.  Nice ride, mainly descent, for final 10km into city.

TOTAL cycled Santa Barbara to Panama City = 6992km


29.06.2015:  Panama City

30.06.2015: Panama City to Dublin via plane and then Dublin to Galway via bus.


01.07.2015:  Galway

02.07.2015:  Galway to Ballinasloe.  75km.  Flat.  Nice little back roads (found using google maps directions)

03.07.2015:  Ballinasloe to Kinnegad.  90km.  Flat.  Quiet roads.

04.07.2015:  Kinnegad to Dublin.  80km.  Flat.  Nice ride into Dublin along a canal path.

05.07.2015:  Ferry from Dublin to Holyhead


06.07.2015:  Holyhead to Porthmadog.  100km via cycle paths.  Hilly.

07.07.2015:  Porthmadog to Shrewsbury.  140km.  One biggish climb out of Porthmadog and then undulating /downhill.

08.07.2015:  Shrewsbury to Ashton-Under-Hill.  130km.  Hilly.

09.07.2015:  Ashton-Under-Hill to Oxford. 80km.  Hilly.

10.07.2015:  Oxford to Chalfont-St-Giles.  62km.  Hilly in places.

11.07.2015:  Chalfont-St-Giles back to Trafalgar Square, London!!!!!!!!  45km.  Flat along canal.


TOTAL cycled in Ireland and UK = 802km.

TOTAL cycled = 20,964km.